JR TAG-S-01 Triple Axis Gyro System

JR TAG-S-01 Triple Axis Gyro System

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The JR TAGS01 Triple Axis Gyro System  is developed for .50 and .90 size RC helicopters with flybarless rotor head assemblies. It utilizes an advanced control algorithm with a wide dynamic range. This allows unmatched hovering stability combined with extreme maneuverability during 3D flights.

  • The CCPM settings that are set in the transmitter are recognized by the gyro, therefore there is no need to change the CCPM settings in the transmitter when installing the TAGS01 (calibration will be required)
  • The basic settings can be intuitively carried out using only the switches and dials, which are incorporated separately for each function in the control unit
  • It is possible to connect the unit to a PC for finely detailed adjustments and access to additional functionality. An additional dedicated interface cable and software will be required
  • This product allows firmware version upgrading
  • The firmware upgrade is carried out by connecting the control unit to a PC using the dedicated USB interface cable, and then installing the firmware. The latest firmware will be available for download from the JR website


Model Name 


Supported Control


Mechanical mix swash plate systems and

all three servo CCPM swash systems are


Number of Receiver

Channels Used 


(Swash 3ch + Rudder 1ch, Gain 0ch - 3ch) 

Rated Voltage 

4.8V - 8.5V 

Dimensions &

Weight (Control Unit


W 37.0 x L 55.0mm x H11.5mm

Weight 22g 

Dimensions &

Weight (Gyro Sensor


Diameter 27.0 x Height 10.3mm

Weight 16g 



215mA* (* Maximum, when all LEDs are lit) 

Package includes:
  • Gyro Control Unit TAGS01-A
  • Gyro Sensor Unit TAGS01-S
  • Sensor Unit Extension Cable
  • Lead Harness B (5 pcs)
  • Dial Adjusting Screwdriver
  • Double-sided Tape for Fixing Sensor Unit (3 pcs)
  • Sensor Angle Changing Housing (2 pcs)
  • Operation Manual

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